“Expat Wife”

Many have heard about the expression `Expat wife´ – and associates it with lazy woman following their partner all around the world to where his job takes them. You spend lazy days by the pool, do yoga, drink wine and chat with the other expat wifes (sounds very good to me though! As weekend activities..).

When we first told people we were moving to Ghana, many automatically thought that `that´ would be me. And quite frankly it made me very pissed! It is like saying I lack own ambitions and motivation to do something great for other than just myself. Which is far from the truth. I know – and those who know me well – that I am just as motivated, driven and ambitious as Andrew. I am not putting my life on hold while he follows his dream. This opportunity to move to Ghana was a welcomed adventure for both of us. My last year in Stavanger was a bit of a shitty one – work wise. A story most people know about. Regardless – I felt like my time in Stavanger was running out. I needed new impulses, new surroundings, new challenges and to just explode out of my very boring comfort zone.

Already I feel more alive than what I did just months ago. I am inspired, I am exited for all the opportunities and the fact that I can go to bed every day feeling like I accomplished something. For those who don’t know, while Andrew is at work I have my own projects. I’m doing my Master´s degree in `change management´ via correspondence through the University of Stavanger. I am getting involved with several groups who does charity work, mainly for less fortunate women and children. Additionally, I am looking into a part-time job or an internship through the Embassy or another Norwegian company (there is 42 Norwegian affiliates here in Accra). But promised my mom not to overdue things. “you have to enjoy yourself too!” – and I do, so much!! In general, everyday life here is worth more than gold to me. Now i´m living in a society where I am the minority. I am on the opposite end of the race scale. I have to adjust to their culture and lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong – I love my life in Norway and all that comes with it. I just think this is good for me. It will make me a better person in the long run.

My mom always says that life is full of contrasts. That is so true! This week my cousin is having a baptism for her son, I am exploring a new continent, and my grandma is waiting to take her last breath. I enjoy all the moments for what they are – life. I cherish my family, my friends and all those things making my life `my´ life. Cherish what you got, because it might not be here tomorrow.

That became a very personal blog post – wow! haha

Anyways – just wanted to clear up some frustration from my side. I don`t want anyone thinking I’m only Andrew´s funny sidekick (even though I am that too). I have a lot more than that to offer 🙂

Have a great weekend! I will spend some time taking care of my sunburned bum and trying not to eat everything I see.





2 thoughts on ““Expat Wife”

  1. Så kjekt å få lese litt om ditt nye liv! Gleder meg til videre lesing, og håper jeg får meg en tur til dere i 2018 ❤️ stooor klem fra Paris 😘


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